Managing Devices

Create a Device

Devices are created automatically in Deploy the Fleet any time a device uses your product-specific update URL.

Update a Device

Each time a device connects to Deploy the Fleet the Last Check-In time is updated as well as the Reported Version of the firmware. At a minimum a device must send two pieces of information to the update endpoint.

  • Device ID
  • Current Firmware Version

See the Quick Start guides for examples of how this data is sent to Deploy the Fleet.

Generic URL

The Device ID and Firmware Version can be reported via the update URL endpoint with query parameters as follows:

Value Query Param Example
Device ID did ?did=b89f3df8-bdd9
Firmware Version v ?v=1.2.0

Example[VERSION]&did=[DEVICE ID]

Delete a Device

Currently there is no way to delete a device. If this is a feature you need please request it using the Feedback dialog within the app.