Device Creation

Devices are created automatically in Deploy the Fleet any time a device uses your product-specific update URL.

Device Updates

Each time a device connects to Deploy the Fleet using the provided library the Last Check-In time is updated as well as the Reported Version of the firmware. All your project code needs to do is include the library and call the provided API. See the Getting Started guide for your setup:

Manual Device Updates

If you don’t want to include the provided Deploy the Fleet library to handle device updates you can still use the service. Simply add your own code to update devices and request firmware updates over HTTPS. The Device ID and Firmware Version can be reported via your product-specific update URL with query parameters as follows:

Value Query Param Example
Device ID did ?did=b89f3df8-bdd9
Firmware Version v ?v=1.2.0


Assume we have the following values in our setup:

  • Product URL: (found on the product dashboard)
  • Version:1.0.0 (your defined product version)
  • Device ID: a5f872edaf11 (MAC address or some other unique identifier for your device)

Your custom code would need to make an HTTPS GET request to the followilng URI:

Delete A Device

Devices can be deleted using the trash can icon in the table on the Device View. This operation removes the device completely from your product.

Delete Device Illustration

If a deleted device comes back online and requests a firmware update it will be automatically re-added to the device table.