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Deploy the Fleet is a firmware update service that enables you to focus on your core product instead of maintaining an update solution. Most modern system on a chip microcontrollers have the ability to load firmware updates whether from flash, external EEPROM, SD cards and even over-the-air. A problem many product creators face is where to store firmware updates and how to securely deliver them to customer devices. Once a product is delivered to a customer it needs to seamlessly receive bug fixes and new features. Additionally, it is very helpful to know how many devices have come online in the field and what firmware version they are running.

Your firmware update solution is crucial to your product’s success but it doesn’t need to consume a lot of your development time. That time should be spent adding value to your product, not figuring out how to deploy updates. Here are just some of the features Deploy the Fleet offers to help you succeed.

  • Secure, encrypted storage of all your firmware binaries
  • Unique always-available firmware update endpoint for your devices
  • Firmware Metrics
    • How many devices are running a specific firmware version?
    • How many active firmware versions are in the field?
  • Device Metrics
    • How many of my shipped devices have come online?
    • What version of firmware is a particular device running?
    • When was the last time a device was updated?

Getting started is super simple and risk free. Just create an account (no credit card required) and see what Deploy the Fleet can do for your product.

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