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Today Espressif released IDF v4.4.6 which is the latest bugfix update for ESP-IDF v4.4

There are two major bug fixes listed for this release:

  • Spi Flash: Fixed concurrency issue when concurrently calling esp_flash APIs under XIP_PSRAM or Auto-suspend condition
  • Fixed dangerous power parameters in sleep modes on ESP32-S2

Additionally there are a very large number of BLE fixes across Bluedroid, NimBLE, and BluFi. If you have experienced any issues with Bluetooth you’ll want to check the full change list to see if a fix is in this build.

Of note also is a fix in the WiFi provisioning code that fixes a leak after the bluetooth stack is stopped.

As a reminder, here is the current IDF maintenance and end-of-life roadmap.

IDF Roadmap