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Several years ago I launched my very first IoT product based on the Particle P1 module. I was an original backer of the Particle Spark Core module on Kickstarter. I had accumulated years of domain knowledge in the Particle ecosystem and felt comfortable building a product on it. However, after about 18 months of trying to maintain my product within that ecosystem I decided to switch to the ESP32 and Espressif ecosystem.

This created an immediate knowledge gap. Everything I had learned over years of using Particle products I had to re-learn in the Espressif ecosystem. This time, however, I was on a tight deadline. I needed to port my hardware to an ESP32 quickly so I could continue to sell products. I didn’t have years of time to slowly gain that knowledge.

It didn’t take me long to find the Learn ESP32 Course. In a matter of hours I significantly closed the knowledge gap and felt comfortable porting my code from the P1 module to the ESP32. The course covered every topic I needed to successfully transition my product to the ESP32. Instead of months or years I was able to get my product fully ported to the ESP32 WROOM module in a couple of weeks. I especially appreciated that the entire course focused on using the native tooling (ESP-IDF) instead of the Arduino IDE.

For anyone looking to jumpstart a project using the ESP32 I highly recommend this course. At $49 I personally think it’s massively underpriced for the value it provides.

Disclaimer: This is NOT an affiliate or paid promotion. I personally bought and used the Learn ESP32 Course and found it extremely helpful. I’m sharing here as I feel it can be of help to others.